Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Corporate Culture and Performance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Corporate Culture and Performance - Essay ExampleWhile organizational values occupy to employees, profit, customers, stakeh overageders, community, and the like, individual goals will relate to fairness, honesty, trust, respect, quality, and cooperation. These are precisely the values that are inherent in the organizational values statement. Alone, these organizational values are far too general and leave to interpretation. It is easy to forget the particular and complicated nature of human moral experience (Kotter, 2003).Thinking about and discussing the ethical implications of a goal is more unimaginative and valuable than using a list of values or ethical models. Acting on the ethical implications is even more valuable. Ethical action in modern organizations is the relentless effort to make values a part of the goal-setting equation. Where the managers go wrong, however, is in expecting more from these values than they can deliver. it s organizational grow reflects unique indu stry requirements and customers expectations. Each application deals with the realities of a particular goal and how to accomplish it. It is possible to say that new changes will be influenced by old principles of work and will need a new set of principles for further change. In this case, corporate culture is the real foundation on which organizational morals is built.

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